Place Branding MBA in São Paulo, Brazil

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by Caio Esteves

We are happy to announce the first Place Branding MBA in Faculdades Integradas Rio Branco- Brazil. 


Βranding permeates our daily life. We interact with brands that represent us, with which we identify.

Attractive communication alone is not enough. Brands need identity, purpose, and most of all, authenticity.

Branding also affects the way we interact with places. Why you choose one city to live in rather than another, why you decide to go on vacation to one particular place, both depend on the images you have in your mind.

If it is your first visit to a particular place, you will not remember a specific smell or a specific colour – much less a striking sound. Probably, you will be taken in by the image that you have of the place. In the past, that image would have been on a postcard. Τoday we have google images, comments on social networks and blogs posts for the same purpose.

Over the years, we have learned that not all images correspond to reality. We are more careful, smarter and do not always let these images deceive us. We have learned that they are made precisely to catch us. If this is true for consumer brands, it is equally true for places. Beyond beautiful images, place branding works with a group of ideas that can strengthen places.

Place branding enhances what a place has to offer and communicates. These exclusive characteristics can communicate this distinctiveness not just for the local community but also for visitors and tourists.

Place branding is not only about tourist attractions. It can be a powerful tool to engage people around a common idea, For a place brand to exist, first of all, there needs to be a place. Place Branding MBA is the first course that makes the connection between Place Branding and placemaking, between thinking and doing.


Training management and project professionals as place branding managers and how use a place branding approach in their day-to-day professional life. These professionals will be able to act on different levels of the public and private sectors, conduct research and diagnostics, manage place brands with a multidisciplinary approach, develop and manage incentive and development programs at different scales of places – such as cities, regions and countries.

Teaching methodology

Lectures accompanied by discussion forums, case studies as well as group work. This MBA works with the concept of interdisciplinarity and collaborativity and provides knowledge for building and managing strong place brands. At the end of the course students will present and defend, to an examining board, a viable place brand project.


It is aimed at professionals in communication and marketing, architects and urban planners, public administrators, business managers, directors, designers and any other professionals engaged in activities related to qualifying places, regardless of their scale. The Place Branding expert will be able to develop programmes focused on building and managing strong place brands.

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