Meet the IPM: Interview with Antonio Azevedo

Antonio Azevedo (1)

António Azevedo is a Fellow of the Institute of Place Management and an Assistant Professor at the School of Economics and Management at the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal. He teaches marketing strategy, tourism marketing and sales & retailing. Since 2003, after receiving the PhD with a thesis on branding advertising, he has dedicated his research to place marketing. He was one of the co-authors of a pioneering book in Portugal introducing city marketing and strategic planning issues in 2011. His studies and research topics included place attachment and quality of life and these have been presented in international conferences and journals, for example as published in JPMD in 2013. Currently he is coordinating the University of Minho’s team that was invited to develop a Place Marketing Plan for the territory of a four cities network (Braga, Guimarães, Barcelos and Famalicão) designated as “Quadrilatero” with a population of 600 000 inhabitants. Continue reading “Meet the IPM: Interview with Antonio Azevedo”

Place branding in strategic spatial planning in Portugal, 2014-2020


Photo by Ares Kalandides
Photo by Ares Kalandides

by Eduardo Oliveira*

Portugal has often been promoted and communicated as a tourist destination without a clear and consistent strategy. It is only recently that other purposes, such as investment and talent attraction, have emerged from the multiple place promotion campaigns, although these mostly remain unclear in their objectives. We can identify many different place promotions initiatives. They are often very colourful and shining, they solely focus on tourism, but none of them qualify as place branding. In this brief post I will take the readers in a journey from 1906 to 2016. I will tell the story of how Portuguese authorities have been promoting the country and its regions and how they have been using (or not) place branding for that purpose. The evolution of events might surprise you. Continue reading “Place branding in strategic spatial planning in Portugal, 2014-2020”

Kiosks and Public Squares in Lisbon

Ares Kalandides "public square" design and kiosks in Lisbonby Ares Kalandides*

Sidewalk cafés are generally a delight. They liven up public space, they become meeting places and places of exchange – indeed, they seem the quintessence of urbanity.  Nevertheless, the anarchic invasion of public spaces by tables and chairs can be the exact opposite: they may be taking much needed space from pedestrians, reducing pavements into narrow strips where a person on foot (let alone a wheel-chair or a pram)  can hardly pass through. How do we reconcile the two, then?  Lisbon may be showing the way. Continue reading “Kiosks and Public Squares in Lisbon”