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Rostock (Germany): New Market
Rostock (Germany): New Market

by Simon Quin

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This month’s Bulletin includes news of a new Issue of the Journal of Place Management and Development providing more insight into the challenges presented in delivering effective place management. The articles are available free to IPM Members. We are also pleased to report that the Journal has entered the top quartile in three research areas in a leading international ranking. If you want to know more the issues and challenges involved in effective place management, place marketing or place branding, then there is still time to register for one of our three Masterclasses being held in Manchester at the beginning of October. We would also value your input and ideas on Business Improvement Districts and you can see why below.

Looking elsewhere, this Bulletin contains news of a call for a ‘community right to beauty’, giving communities power to create beautiful places. It looks at how US downtowns are changing with lessons and ideas which we think have application around the world. We also look at several stories that have emerged about re-imagining places and some of the different approaches being adopted as well as having a quick look at place management in Singapore and how it is producing results. Finally we have news about how you can see some of what was discussed at the 9th International Public Markets Conference held earlier this year in Barcelona. I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak at this event and launch our research on why markets matter which, as a reminder, you can read here http://placemanagement.org/research/markets-matter/.

As always, we would appreciate your comments and thoughts both on the Bulletin and on the Institute itself. Please send them to me, Cathy Parker, the Chair of the IPM Executive Board, or to any of our Special Interest Group leads.


Simon Quin



News from the Institute

New Issue of the Journal of Place Management and Development released. Volume 8 Issue 2 of the Journal, which is available with free access to IPM members, reflects the international nature of the Institute. It features articles on cities in Finland, Iran, United States, United Kingdom and an article based on research in Russia. Two of articles look at cities that were European Capitals of Culture. Turku was Capital of Culture in 2011, and Janne Linstedt’s article looks at place brand co-creation during and after this year. Our Place in Practice article by Yi-De Liu explores the effectiveness of a city branding campaign by examining visitor perceptions of Liverpool’s year as Capital of Culture during 2008.

Elsewhere in the Issue, in their article on places, users and place uses, Kirill Lvovich Rozhkov and Natalya Il’inichna Skriabina develop a theoretical approach to place market analysis that aims to identify the ways in which specific places are used whilst Mohammad Javad Maghsoodi Tilaki and Massoomeh Hedayati explore the barriers to City Development Strategies in Iranian cities. Kathryn Swanson’s article outlines the theoretical context for the study of brand love in the context of places drawing on research in Orlando, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This issue of the Journal also includes a review by John Byrom, of Rethinking place branding: comprehensive brand development for cities and regions that was edited by Mihalis Kavaratzis, Gary Warnaby and Gregory Ashworth, as well as the usual Editorial which you can access here: http://www.emeraldinsight.com/doi/full/10.1108/JPMD-06-2015-0019

Want to understand more about Place Management, Place Marketing and Place Branding? You can by registering for Masterclasses on October 1st, 2nd and 3rd. You can book for one, two or all three. All the Masterclasses are being held in Manchester. The Place Management Masterclass is being led by Simon Quin, who is an experienced place management practitioner, and Professor Cathy Parker who led the recently completed High Street UK 2020 knowledge exchange programme. Cathy, who is Professor of Marketing and Retail Enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University, will also co-lead the Place Marketing Masterclass along with Dominic Medway, who is Professor of Marketing at the University of Manchester. The Place Branding Masterclass is being led by Dr Ares Kalandides, a Berlin-based experienced practitioner who developed the International Place Branding Conference series. PM Members can register at a discounted rate, but the Masterclasses are open to non-members. Further information on the programme and registration is available here http://placemanagement.org/courses.

Are you interested in Business Improvement Districts? We have now had BIDs in England and Wales for just over a decade and they are, of course, well established in the USA, Canada (as BIAs), and in other countries. Over the last year we have seen their introduction into Northern Ireland and considerable interest in them from Scandinavia and other parts of the world. As a form of place management, we are interested in how they function, whether we understand all that we need to about them, their advantages and disadvantages. Is their growth in the UK set to be repeated elsewhere? With examples in industrial parks, residential areas, and leisure areas, as well as downtowns/town and city centres, what does the future hold for BIDs? If you have views or ideas on this, we would like to hear from you. We plan on holding a seminar/conference on the topic in early 2016 and will be shortly putting out a Call for Papers and so would welcome any ideas on what you would like to see covered in such an event and potential supporting publication. Please send all comments/thoughts/ideas to Simon Quin at simon@placemanagement.org

Journal of Place Management and Development ranked in top quartile in three categories by SJR. The SCImago Journal & Country Rank includes the journals and country scientific indicators developed from the information contained in the Scopus® database (Elsevier B.V.). Its latest ranking puts the Journal of Place Management and Development in the top quartile for Urban Studies, Business and International Management, and Geography, Planning and Development. The Journal also ranks in the second quartile for Strategy and Management, Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management, and for Marketing. You can see more about the ranking and check other journals here http://www.scimagojr.com/index.php.


News from elsewhere

‘A community right to beauty: Giving communities the power to shape, enhance and create beautiful places, development and spaces’ is the title of a new report from ResPublica published in the UK. Amongst its recommendations are the establishment of Areas of Outstanding Urban Beauty (the UK already has Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and the launch of Community Improvement Districts for those places without much visual appeal. The full report is available from ResPublica for £15.00, but you read its key recommendations here first http://placemanagement.org/news/new-report-calls-for-a-community-right-to-beauty/

Making Downtowns what they used to be’ by Professor Emil Malizia and David Stebbins, identifies eight rules to make a vibrant place in a new article published by Urban Land. The article says “Vibrant centers are work environments that also offer places to live, shop, dine, play, convene, rest, and learn. The most vibrant centers are diverse, connected public places served by rail transit; if people have to drive there, they can park and comfortably complete the internal trips on foot. Vibrant centers afford social interaction, communication, economic activity, and innovation.” This strongly echoes the findings from the High Street UK 2020 research that the Institute has recently undertaken. You can read Malizia and Stebbins’ eight rules, and access the whole article, on the Institute’s news pages at http://placemanagement.org/news/how-to-promote-vibrant-urban-places/

Perhaps part of what is making downtowns what they used to be, is that they are once again attracting big employers. Smart Growth America’s new report ‘Core Values: Why American Companies are Moving Downtown’ examines the characteristics, motives, and preferences of companies that have either relocated, opened new offices, or expanded in walkable downtowns between 2010 and 2015. The report finds great diversity in the types of businesses moving downtown and that the move takes various forms. Six common themes emerge, however, as to why they are moving downtown and you can read about these, and access the full publication, here: http://placemanagement.org/news/why-us-companies-are-moving-back-to-downtowns. The report identifies lessons for cities that will enable them to be more effective at attracting investment by companies which have application well beyond the United States.

Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority have produced an interesting graphic that shows how their place management department are actively engaged in ‘making places better’ through place making, place marketing and place maintenance. The graphic is followed by a fuller explanation of their work with some brief case studies. You can see the graphic here http://www.ura.gov.sg/uol/about-us/our-work/making-public-spaces-fun-place.aspx?utm_campaign=Reg&utm_source=PMD&utm_medium=TW and you can read an outsider’s perspective written by Renard Teipelke in May on how Singapore ‘got it right’ on the Inpolis Place Blog here http://blog.inpolis.com/2015/05/27/lessons-learned-on-how-singapore-got-it-right/.

There has been some interesting ‘re-imagining’ going on around the world that we felt we should share. In Vancouver, Canada, they have been re-imagining their downtown. Asking “how do you want downtown Vancouver to look, taste and feel in 25 years?”, the Downtown Business Improvement Association has produced a short film which you can watch here: http://placemanagement.org/news/re-imagining-downtown-vancouver. Meanwhile in Jamaica, they held a conference in July to re-imagine the whole country, inviting people to join the conversation and think of “unlimited possibilities”. Samantha North was a keynote speaker and shared her impressions of Jamaica at www.placesbrands.com, where you can also read more about the conference. You can follow how things develop on twitter @BrandJamaica_.

We also were struck by some re-imagining done in the district of Palmitas in Pachuca, Mexico. Initiated by the Government, a local street art initiative has painted more than 200 houses to create a ‘macromural’ in a district known for its poverty, violence and social vulnerability. The painting took more than two months and whilst the change is impressive as the photos show, the artists involved report that the greatest legacy has been a change in the way residents of the district now treat one another with respect and this has resulted in a massive drop in violence. You can see images of the work at https://www.facebook.com/muralismogermen?fref=nf.

Project for Public Spaces have now published an overview of the 9th International Public Markets Conference that took place in Barcelona earlier this year. Attended by nearly 400 delegates from 40 countries, the topics and debate were wide ranging and culminated in the signing of a Conference Declaration (which you can read and sign here http://placemanagement.org/special-interest-groups/place-management/market-management). You see the overview, in a short video, and access the programme and many of the presentation slides here: http://www.pps.org/projects/9th-international-public-markets-conference/

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