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Rostock (Germany): New Market
Rostock (Germany): New Market

by Simon Quin

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If you want to develop your skills and knowledge in or share experience with others engaged in place management, then we have some great opportunities in this month’s Bulletin. The Institute is offering two new services. Firstly we can come to your town or city centre and deliver a workshop for your stakeholders that looks at how to make your centre sustainable (we are only offering this in the UK for now but we are happy to talk about going elsewhere). Secondly we have just announced our first study tour which will visit the exciting city of Berlin in June 2016. As a participant you have the opportunity to examine at first hand a number of innovative place management initiatives as well as seeing how the city is changing. In contrast to these new initiatives, this is almost the final opportunity to register for the three October Masterclasses in Place Management, Place Marketing and Place Branding and for registration on the next intake of the MSc in Place Management. We would love to have you attend and I know from personal experience, having completed the MSc a few years ago, that it is an exciting and stimulating programme to participate in. It is designed to work with your job and you can use the course to explore issues associated with work which gives a new perspective.

Our news from elsewhere includes stories on the pace of change in leading business cities around the world, on how some cities have rediscovered their waterfronts, and on the semi-finalists in the Great American Main Street Awards. We also have a Call for Papers for the 3rd Corfu Symposium on Managing & Marketing Places and details of a two day course on how and why you should establish a public market.

As always, we would appreciate any thoughts, comments or questions. Send them directly to me at simon@placemanagement.org

Simon Quin


News from the Institute

If you are in the UK and working in town or city centres, you can now benefit from a new service being offered by the Institute. We will come to you and help you and your stakeholders to determine appropriate actions to ensure your centre has the best chance to be sustainable in 2020. The new service is centred on a workshop held in your centre to which you invite stakeholders. Two of our experts will attend and lead the workshop, though there will also be plenty of time for input from local stakeholders. The workshop can be supported by analysis and a short report or can be booked as a standalone event. The Institute’s experts will present and discuss the findings of the £250,000 High Street UK 2020 research project which has identified the key factors that influence town centre vitality and viability and which can be controllable locally. We also help you to understand what kind of town you are based on the evidence of how your centre is used. You can read more, including how to reserve a session, here www.placemanagement.org/tcv

Another new offering from the Institute is an Educational Study Tour to Berlin. The 3 day visit will take place in June 2016 and includes site visits, lectures, workshops, discussions and networking as well as chance to see something of Berlin’s nightlife. To ensure that participants get the most from the visit, we are limiting the size of the group to a maximum of 20 people so early booking is advisable. The tour will examine the different ways that place management is practised in Berlin, including in town centres, markets, and by local area partnerships. Innovative approaches have been adopted that ensure community involvement and you will have chance to learn about these at first hand. All sessions will be conducted in English or with translation to English. We will be posting more about this in the next few weeks but if you are interested, please tell us so we can keep you informed by emailing ares@placemanagement.org

It is still possible to register for one of our Masterclasses being held this year. The three Masterclasses look at Place Management, Place Marketing and Place Branding. You can register for one, two or three. Each event is being held in Manchester and they take place on 1st, 2nd and 3rd of October respectively. The Place Management session http://placemanagement.org/courses/place-management/ will be led by Simon Quin and Professor Cathy Parker and will explore the theory and practice of place management as well as examining some latest research and its implications, particularly looking at how place resilience and adaptability. You will get chance to reflect on the skills and behaviours of successful place managers. The Place Marketing Masterclass http://placemanagement.org/courses/place-marketing/ is being led by Professor Dominic Medway and Professor Cathy Parker and will look at current practice in urban and rural place marketing and enable participants to evaluate these both positively and negatively. The class will also look at the role of social media in place marketing and the opportunities of wider engagement in the place marketing process. The Place Branding session http://placemanagement.org/courses/place-branding/ will be led by Ares Kalandides and will explore key concepts such as place hierarchy, power and the changing political environment, within which place branding has developed as well as looking at a series of case studies.

If you are thinking of doing more than one of our Masterclasses, then you should consider enrolling for the Post Graduate Certificate, Post Graduate Diploma or MSc in Place Management, all of which start with the Masterclass series. The longer programmes enable you not only to learn in the taught session but to reflect on that learning and apply it to your own place or a place you know well through the completion of written assignments and, if you do the full programme, the submission of a dissertation. This is not learning in the abstract but can very much relate to the place you have responsibility for or the place organisation you work in. The courses are specifically designed for practitioners and those considering employment in this area. You can find further details on the Executive Education programme here http://placemanagement.org/courses/executive-education/

We always enjoy meeting Institute of Place Management members and we have recently welcomed a study tour led by AMCV, l’Association du Management de Centre-Ville, one of our Approved Partners. 18 participants from Belgium and France has spent a week in the UK meeting with town centre management partnerships and Business Improvement Districts. They joined us for a morning seminar to explore some of the research behind town centre vitality and viability. This session once again confirmed that the majority of challenges faced by place managers cross national borders and encouraged us to think that the town centre vitality programme, the first item above, that we have now launched for the UK may have application in other countries as well. We would be delighted to discuss this if there is interest.

Finally, we are waiting to hear whether a bid for funding from Innovate UK will be forthcoming. If successful, the Institute will be part of a partnership on a two year project aimed at enhancing the user experience in retail by the application of technology. The bid is led by retail intelligence specialists Springboard but project-managed by the Institute and includes researchers from Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Cardiff, leading UK retail trade associations including ATCM, the Association of Town and City Management, BCSC, formerly the British Council of Shopping Centres, NABMA, the National Association of British Market Authorities, NMTF, the National Market Traders’ Federation, leading retail property company New River Retail, specialist pop-up company Bo-Concepts, new product development and technology specialists My Knowledge Map and seven town centre partnerships in Ayr, Ballymena, Bristol, Congleton, Holmfirth, Morley and Wrexham. We aim to help place management partnerships, retailers, property owners, local authorities and other stakeholders to be better informed and more accurately informed about how their town is performing and hence enable them to make better choices about initiatives and development in their centre to the benefit of town centre users. We should hear in the next month if our bid has succeeded.


News from elsewhere

Effective place management includes the ability to manage change. You can learn much more about this on the MSc in Place Management but JLL have published a new report that looks at the pace of change in different cities. The City Momentum Index tracks the speed of change in a city’s economic base and it commercial real estate market. The Index covers 120 major established and emerging business hubs around the world and looks at both the short-term momentum and at how future-proofed a city is in terms of having sustainable momentum. Seven of the top 20 cities in the Index are located in China (Beijing 3rd, Shenzhen 4th, Shanghai 5th, Wuhan 8th, Chongqing 10th, Tianjin 19th and Nanjing 20th). London tops the table thanks to robust economic fundamentals and significant overseas property investment, but the only other European city in the top 20 is Dublin (13th). Sydney (11th) and Melbourne (16th) both enter the top 20 for the first time whilst San Jose (2nd), Boston (7th), San Francisco (9th) and New York (18th) represent North America. The ranking is based on 37 variables across 10 areas. You can read more and download the report here http://www.jll.com/research/136/jll-city-momentum-index-2015

The Landscape Architects Network published details on their website of ten cities that they think are reinventing relationships with their rivers. The work done may be helpful to anyone with responsibility for urban rivers. The ten (Seoul, Ljubljana, Madrid, Paris, Qinhuangdao, Lyon, Bordeaux, Moscow, Singapore and New York) have each rethought and readjusted their relationship to their river. The article, by Yuliya Georgieva, includes numerous photographs and in some cases short videos that support the description of the process and can be found here http://landarchs.com/10-cities-that-are-reinventing-the-relationship-with-their-rivers/.

Our friends at the National Main Street Center have just announced their ten semi-finalists in the Great American Main Street Award for 2016. Astonishingly, the ten towns have between them generated over three billion dollars (US) in public and private reinvestment, while creating 10,690 new jobs, opening 1,262 new businesses, rehabbing 1,237 buildings and clocking 309,918 volunteer hours. The winner will be announced at the National Main Streets Conference in Milwaukee in May but detail on each of the semi-finalists explaining what they have achieved and including some brilliant photographs are now available at http://www.preservationnation.org/main-street/main-street-news/story-of-the-week/2015/announcing-the-2016-great.html#.VfbWY5fSLIU. Have a look as they are great inspiration for all engaged in place management.

Call for Papers: 3rd Corfu Symposium on Managing & Marketing Places, This event is being held from 18th-21st April 2016 in Corfu. The theme of the 2016 symposium ‘thinking and re-thinking about places’ reflects current developments in both the theory and practice of place management and marketing with places and spaces being contested, formed and re-formed. The nature of academic enquiry into these issues is inherently interdisciplinary, and the symposium will consider the way places are theorised differently in various academic disciplines, and what this means for the practice of managing and marketing places. Papers may present the results of empirical studies, case studies, or ideas from works in progress. Authors should submit a 1000 word abstract electronically to Dr Heather Skinner at info@corfusymposium.com no later than 30 November 2015. For more information see http://corfusymposium.com/.

Forthcoming events: ‘How to create successful markets”. The event is being held in New York on 16th & 17th October and is being organised by Project for Public Spaces. Participants will learn the essentials for creating a thriving public market that is economically sustainable, maximizes community benefits and contributes to the creation of public places that attract a broad diversity of people. Participants will learn the essentials for creating an extraordinary public market during work sessions and on-site tours of New York City’s thriving open-air and indoor public markets. You can book online at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-to-create-successful-markets-fall-2015-registration-16569016374.

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