IPM Executive Education: Entry now available for Place Management and Leadership 2016

Business School, Manchester Metropolitan University
Business School, Manchester Metropolitan University


The Place Management and Leadership programme at Manchester Metropolitan University is a part-time taught course that is predominantly for existing practitioners in the place management sector. Place management encompasses a range of professions internationally, including town and city centre management, market management, Downtown and Mainstreet management, destination management and marketing, Business Improvement District management and city marketing and branding. It may also involve civic and and community organisations, or even individuals who share a passion for local places, and who wish to make their communities more sustainable and liveable.

The aim of the qualification is to develop confident, highly reflective and respected place managers, capable of strategic thinking and transformative but inclusive place management.

Place management is an open and dynamic process, embracing new approaches to place change such as the Transition Town movement.  For this reason, the course is also suitable for local politicians and local community members leading or contributing to place initiatives.


The programme will introduce students to contemporary and critical perspectives about place management and development covering: principles of place management, marketing and branding, governance and partnership development, place planning and development, place operations management and an independent research project.

Structure and delivery

Students are required to study four 30 credit units over two years.  Each unit will provide a 3 day block of master classes taught in the Business School’s £75 million teaching and research headquarters on the All Saints Campus in Manchester.  Each unit will also provide an online programme of distance learning and tutor support.  In addition, students are required to complete a 60 credit independent research project in their final year.  Delivered by a team of internationally renowned academics and practitioners, all assessments are designed to have impact on specific locations and you will be able to network with managers and leaders in a variety of places.

Over 100 students have studied Place Management with us, from 22 different countries.

Upon successful completion of the course students will receive an MSc in Place Management and Leadership.

Career prospects

Two thirds of over 400 surveyed UK town centre managers have identified that they want additional development in this area, and this need has also been mirrored in research undertaken in Europe, Australia and USA. Accordindly the programme is designed around the professional standards developed by the Institute of Place Management  to support those that are already in, or wish to move into a strategic role in place management.

Graduates can expect to combine their Place Management qualification with their current qualifications and personal achievements to develop a unique profile that stands out internationally

MMU is the only university to offer postgraduate qualifications in Place Management and Leadership. 

The course is fully accredited by the Institute of Place Management.  Successful  completion of the MSc in Place Management and Leadership enables graduates to apply for Fellow status.


Postgraduate Certificate in Place Management and Leadership £2,310

Postgraduate Diploma in Place Management and Leadership £4,620
MSc in Place Management and Leadership £6,930

Outline Calendar

Enrolment 5th October 2016

Place Management, Marketing and Branding (6th-8th October 2016)

Place Leadership, Governance and Partnership Development (19th-21st January 2017)

Place Development Theory and Practice (4th-6th May 2017)

Place Intelligence and Forecasting (5th-7th October 2017)

MSc Dissertation (March 2018)

To discuss the course with the Course Leader, Professor Cathy Parker, please email c.parker@mmu.ac.uk

For details on course content click here

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